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DeadBox Gallery

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1 DeadBox Gallery on Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:29 am


I'm going to post all of my uploaded sprites here, for you all to see!

(A base)

(From the 'Views Project')

(Also from 'Views Project')

(Also from 'Views Project')

(An old signature)

(For hair practice)

(Gift to Dack)

(Partly Sheeted Character)

(Random Girl Sprite)

(Various Parkour Poses)

(Animated for Dack)

(Zach Travis v1.0)

(Zach Travis v2.0)

(Zach Travis Various attires)

(Zach Travis, Partly Sheeted)

(Zach Travis Fighting Stance Animation)


(Rick different Hairs)

(Zach Travis, Final Fantasy Style)

(Example Sheet)


(Zombie Parasite)

(Zombie Parasite Retracted legs)

(Random Character/Hair Practice)


(Ball Character)

(Screenshots of my Simple Platform Game)

(Project 34 v1.0)

(Project 34 v2.0)


(Mario Wormy!)

(Wormy! Sheet)

(Kid Icarus Enemy - I think)

(Large Bases)

(Couldn't decide)

(Finally Decided/Samba Johnson)

(Current Project/Base Sheet)

I'll keep updating as I make more sprites! but let me know what you think!!!

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